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Sales and traffic do not move together - Sales is not a surrogate for traffic

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Over the past twenty years, retailers in increasing numbers have used traffic metrics as an essential evaluation tool to measure store performance. Today, the combination of high-accuracy traffic counting devices with robust reporting solutions puts these key metrics at the fingertips of retail executives, regional and district supervisors and, in many cases provides real-time reporting to store managers and staff. However, in this new world of “Big Data,” the fundamental principles behind these traffic metrics are not always transparent, especially for new users.

MNO team subcontracted to develop modules for scheduling and creating reports, connect, monitoring and collect data from people counters and camaeras, and develop responsive web anaytics portal for customers.

Services Provide

  • Available on your infrastructure
  • Consultancy and support in People Counting methods
  • Integration with ERP or CMS systems

Technology stack

  • Frontend: Vaadin, PhanthomJS
  • Middleware: Java
  • Database: MySql
  • Reports: Vaadin Charts,
  • App servers: Tomcat
  • Camera types: FLIR Brickstream, Riva, Irisys

Castomize or develop system for People Counting

Improve your business with real time data

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